Second Look X was inspired by reports indicating hackers are breaking into organizations 65% of the time, with the majority of those attacks remaining undetected for 24 months on average, despite detection systems that are in place today. Tophat Security has created a simple, cost effective and tested solution. Our Second Look X tool provides your business with passive monitoring, along with automated email notifications when a destination IP address matches questionable sources on the world wide and dark web, and whether the issue represents a potential vulnerability or a compromise.

It can also be used to monitor your suppliers. If you have a current security strategy in place, how do you monitor it? Second Look X can measure your security and discover unknown compromises. It collects intelligence from the dark web and 600+ sources.

Second Look X discovers your assets.  It determines your internet footprint and correlates intelligence data with those footprints. With your subscription, you’ll receive a Tophat Security tailored intelligence alert. Anti virus is only 40% effective at best. Second Look X doesn’t require any additional hardware or software purchases. This is a cloud service. With intrusion detection, we find malware that gets past proxies.

Think about how much damage could be done, if cyber criminals had undetected access to your business’s confidential information for as long as 2 years!


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